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tv   Headline News  RT  August 7, 2014 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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like. as in there's more than just what. i'm the president and i'm fighting do you want so we're. coming up on our t.v. car bombs explode eighty damis taken over in iraq while the body of a u.s. major general returns home after being killed in afghanistan violence across two countries as the u.s. seeks new options more on that just ahead. more violence in ukraine but this time it's unclear mass protests erupted in clashes with police we'll have an update coming up. and the best of the best in cyber security are in las vegas for the black hat conference our team is there talking all things tech later in the show.
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good evening it's thursday august seventh eight am in washington d.c. i'm lindsey france you're watching r.t. america the u.s. is considering airstrikes and humanitarian airdrops in iraq today in response to thousands of religious minority groups suffering at the hands of jihadist militants who are running rampant across the country northwest tens of thousands of iraqis mostly from the. excuse me yazidi minority group are trapped on top of a barren mountaintop in iraq's north after sunni extremists encircled a group cutting them off from water and food islamic state in iraq and syria or isis have uprooted christians and religious minorities throughout the country and now the obama administration is debating how to respond option one is humanitarian airdrops with food and water which appears likely option two is targeted airstrikes despite reluctance by the president to get involved since isis began to threaten baghdad the u.s. says the country is now in need. and the violence is not reduced to the northeast
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take a look in and around baghdad a suicide attack killed at least twelve people today at a police checkpoint and fifty one others were killed wednesday night when a string of car bombs tore through busy shopping streets in several baghdad neighborhoods and to the north residents and officials in the region confirmed that isis now holds the mosul dam the largest in iraq and afghanistan fifty five year old major general harold green was killed and fifteen other allied troops wounded tuesday after an afghan soldier opened fire with a nato assault rifle at camp karaka when a group of officers from international force asked by green is the highest ranked u.s. officer to be killed in combat since one nine hundred seventy during the vietnam war the thirty four year u.s. army veteran will be buried at arlington national cemetery and in the meantime secretary of state john kerry has made an unannounced stop in kabul ahead of runoff elections in the country he's reportedly there to press the presidential candidates to end their feud over june elections and form
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a new government next month i was joined earlier by tony schaeffer senior fellow at the center for advanced defense studies i first asked him what he thought of the united states plan in considering other military options to deal with the threat of isis in iraq. well they're both good and long overdue i think can go on and centers been advising congress to be a lot more deliberate and requiring the executive branch to do something and let me be clear i'm this is not simply about us saving face it's about the fact that you have individuals who are minorities being subjugated to very harsh conditions by isis so there's two things we have to consider how do we actually do something to help those people and secondly i've actually put forward the idea of something called and i'll say this to the proper way to get our stuff back act of twenty fourteen where you basically say if prices if you capture something it's ours we gave the iraqis you will die if you're next to it so i think that the airstrike option should be on the table if nothing else to prevent the adversary from using
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the gear would let the iraqis and more importantly than to do something to help those which are being besieged by it by the isis folks the u.s. has hesitated getting involved have since the beginning of the isis threat and now it looks like it's critical it's aligned been drawn and i think we got it we've got to do something that signal a policy change here or do you think it's purely a humanitarian response. that's an excellent question and the answer is i'd like to believe people are finally waking up and again i've been on r.t. a lot i'm not one of those who goes around saying we're used must use military action constantly i'm against military action but in this case i think it's necessary by the fact that certain objectives which are shared by multiple countries in the region isn't just the united states we're talking about simply jordan turkey saudi arabia all being on the same side on this and so we need to look at this realistically and by the by the way we have serious deal we're talking about syria still being unstable we're talking about more instability spreading throughout the region so like the spread of the cancer you've got to pick
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a time when you can actually start treating the cancer to stop it from spreading and i think five people have recognized that what other options are available aside from some as they say that the pendulum potentially humanitarian airdrops are airstrikes saying what about turkey getting involved these people are. for that border that's one of the things we put forward one hundred dot org has a series of recommendations we made to congress one of those actually putting together a nato type organization which consists of jordan turkey egypt saudi arabia which actually will go in there and deal with what we need down isis yes remember that isis is a sunni organization you can organize the sunni nations which we've helped train and equip to go take care of this nobody wants isis to be successful even a sunni muslim so you've got to look at this realistically and frankly the american people are tired of war i'm not saying we should be the ones doing all the heavy lifting we can do or support we can do logistical support but those folks we've trained militarily can go in and do the hard work to secure the the country yeah of course they're in the neighborhood right or well it appears you know isis has taken
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over the model dam and we spoke yesterday with middle east expert daniel pipes about this with us now he says about the strategic importance of the dam awful italian. if you control the dams in iraq you control iraq the two rivers euphrates and the tigris are the lifeblood of iraq. the source of water of course and electricity. ok well very straightforward to the point do you agree with this assessment absolutely this is an issue we've been looking at as experts for over a month now and the administration there behind this direction seems to be completely out to lunch again this is not simply about a failed policy regarding us being there or not being in iraq this is about trying to preserve whatever's left for the people in iraq we've been trying to supposedly help if you allow this dam to fall there's two things could happen first off you lose power worst off they blow it up you could flood the entire area we're talking about baghdad being under water so either we are we're going to say we do what we
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say we want to do which is help the people of iraq are going to sit there and watch everything fall further into chaos and see the continue yeah you can only win the government we can only bring up old stuff to have to. operate from where you are now which is. taking over now to afghanistan where we've recently had the killing of major general harold green what is the general's killing mean the operations they have in forward in afghanistan the sort of two things first this is the part of the taliban's game plan that the high water mark for blue on green a green on blue killings was actually twenty twelve were hit i think over sixty one with that said now there's been a demented munition of that general joe dunford came in last year and actually have as works to reduce this plus our footprint is lower what this means now is for what's left that is to say the objective is to have ten thousand troops approximately in december going into two thousand and fifteen dollars on want to destroy the integrity of our relationship with the afghan military thereby further undermining the government which by the way the taliban wants to basically go up
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and as soon as possible after departure this is one step closer to that this assassination the general is meant to drive a wedge between the afghan forces that we've supported and trained and the afghan people for which we're trying to score and by the way you know you you weren't acquainted with him but you knew of his work and he was a very competent general right up until the last of the this is the general was truly a great leader as well as a top a technically competent leader which is a rarity today our generals. trust me i know a number of them and this guy was good he's a good guy all his neighbors loved him here in northern ireland local guy he was a local guy so i think this is a tragedy and multiple issues and frankly at this point time because of the relationship issues there's this those generals weight so to speak it goes far beyond his own individual value this does up into hurt the potential long term relationship between us and the afghan army something that we're going to be very concerned about over the next six months we transition out what the long term not in washington has been pushing distractibility on a card i have to keep military presence in afghanistan past twenty fourteen do you
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see a change well karzai is not going to sign the agreement you have to present your candidates to the recount or audit has now started up again i guess two days ago do a deal and mr guy on have both said they will sign the agreement so as soon as one of them are anointed as president i think the group is going to decide the important thing for the united states is this i don't think we should ever put conventional forces in there i was there no two no three this was a this was a military operation that really was focused on special operations all along the ten thousand you to remain silent and so we should never try to make afghan more like you know why not north dakota it was a huge mistake with that said we need to do what's necessary to understand what's going on on the ground there because al qaida is moving back in afghanistan i know people don't want to accept this in the white house is reluctant to admit this but as taliban great gains during al-qaeda is moving in with them from pakistan so we've got to do what's necessary for united states the afghan people i think would benefit from that by the fact that we do good intelligence operations good
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anti-terrorism operations that will give them time to sort their own issues out. they will not necessarily not with a jeffersonian democracy but at least if it if it's somewhat stable then we shouldn't worry about who who's in charge their stability is that we're not going to be making many paul revere take over there when i let them do what they want with that said i think there's a reason for us to be there for special operations and intelligence assets to figure out what's going on around the time right now but some of them like them thank you very much tony shaffer senior fellow at the center for advanced defense study thanks for having. ukrainian authorities clashed with lingering protesters at kidd's independence square after after attempting to kick them out claiming that they needed to clean out the square this comes more than seven months after activists first set up camp there to protest the quote which led government which has since been replaced.
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now those activists currently in the square claim they're there to hold the new government's feet to the fire to ensure real change takes effect the move by authorities to clear the square came as they don't secretary general anders fogh rasmussen met with ukrainian president petro poroshenko and prime minister are setting yet said new york to discuss further western alliance support for ukraine. as the violence continues in ukraine with refugees continuing to flow across the
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russia ukraine border one group is bringing the suffering and those caught in the middle of all of this to the attention of the united nations are she's an associate at the scene at the u.n. in new york with more. russian human rights organization with a focus on protecting children has delivered a petition signed by forty one thousand people to the united nations secretary general ban ki moon they're going to see the signatures come from citizens of russia as well as several european countries this comes as violence and bloodshed continue to rejoin in ukraine the petition asks about the international community more vigorously in response to the humanitarian crisis on raveling on the ground and asks to help put an end to what it calls atrocities crimes against humanity and genocide committed by authorities in kiev. if we consider what is unraveling on the ground in the genocide and forty thousand people who have signed this letter think the same we are asking to have measures be taken and pushed the ukrainian government to proceed to peaceful talks this letter signed by forty one thousand
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people expressed his outrage over the terror being inflicted on civilians in the ongoing crisis in ukraine including children who the organization says have become the most afflicted victims in the ongoing conflict this comes of course as as many as one hundred eighteen thousand people have been displaced internally inside ukraine as well as as many as seven hundred forty thousand people have already fled to russia because of the violence unraveling on the ground this open letter calls for several steps to be taken this includes closing the airspace over lugansk and pushing the key of authorities to negotiate with the south eastern leaders inside the country as well as involving more international organizations in helping put an end to this humanitarian crisis and a condemnation of the actions by the key of authorities and if they are to new york . a cease fire in gaza is close to expiring and there's no agreement to prolong it talks in cairo between israeli and hamas mediators have so far no results the month
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long conflict has already claimed two nearly two thousand lives during the pozen violence victims of the conflict are trying to recover and as harry fear reports some gaza residents in need were able to flee the strip for help in jerusalem but not all were so lucky. every day patients arrive from gaza to palestinian hospitals in jerusalem and the west bank the marcus said hospital easter's has received dozens of cases since the latest conflict erupted in this room he is six years old and that was two weeks ago he has multiple business skull fracture after the bombing of his house here received unconscious aware of the environment. in his first few days here khalid's life was maintained by a country that has made a solid recovery doctors say and is now able to make his life his mother has been
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alive by side for almost three weeks only one relative is allowed to accompany such medical cases from gaza but the only granted one day's access to israel. no i cannot sleeve the hospital because my son in because i have a permit to remain in israel for just want to date because when i leave i show them the medical records of the crossing and they let me into gaza this is not easy to come out of gaza it is not easy to be coordinated there is checkpoints that are procedures that israelis have and therefore we're not getting enough patience although there are thousands upon thousands of patients we need support and help. forty two year old pfizer was in her home preparing dinner for have family when her house was suddenly demolished upon i asked if she felt lucky to be outside of guys here receiving exposure yeah yeah it was this racial in the gaza strip is an
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absolute disaster how can i feel a lot when my people are dying. over nine thousand palestinians have been injured in gaza getting medical treatment outside of its overstretched health system is like winning the lottery three year old young mean a boob job or survived an attack on his family home in gaza as they gathered for the first night of the islamic festivals. and eighteen men of the family was wiped out leaving just this one child literally i mean still calls out for his favorite sibling his older sister he doesn't know she's being killed along with all the others a relative. has lived through six wars between the palestinians and israel. i do see either israel or the palestinians as winning we the citizens of the fourth or war everybody is a loser whoever thinks of peace is the tree of human being. these patients are
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lucky to have temporarily escaped gaza to receive the very best in medical treatment many are looking forward to returning to their families in gaza but awaiting them is a horrified and devastated community. jurist. as people weigh in with their personal opinions on the crisis in gaza plenty of them are experiencing social political and professional fall out for expressing their thoughts be it through social media open letters or even soundbites some of these opinions show principled stances other show emotional reactions and plenty of them show just plain racism well one university professor steven slater got on twitter typed out some pretty inflammatory remarks about israel he'd recently resigned from virginia tech to take a job with the university of illinois until the tweets went out and that position a new position anyway was promptly revoked these aren't something i'm going to read to you on air you can see for yourself the nature of the subject matter now earlier
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today i talked with the editor of inside higher ed scott jessica about the situation involving professor selassie to and although these tweets were descriptive opinionated and offensive to many i first asked him how do you know versity is decide when controversial goes over the line. that's something that they're just starting to grapple with many of the kids for academic freedom believe that there's no such thing that they are the members should be able to say whatever he or she wants on twitter and there shouldn't be a factor other institutions that say that it does matter or impose certain limits well let's talk about what would make a university decide this i mean would some of these decisions to cut a faculty member or student come from student back to complaints bad publicity pushback from funding groups or is it more of a decision made at the executive level. well i think i think you can see some of
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all i mean there are a few cases where i think there would be general acceptance that tweeting was irresponsible for instance if in fact let's remember it was violating confidentiality about student grades or student conduct rules that require faculty members not to publicize certain private information may have been designed before twitter but twitter still counts there's a lot more dispute about the same political tweets as these were in the illinois case generally is accepted that academic freedom protects the right of faculty members to say what they want and say a newspaper off at twitter by its nature is a series of very short comments which can make them unintelligible sometimes or quite provocative or as you said in this case to many people offensive what is enough are saying saying about it's trying to break time. the university saying
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absolutely nothing. wow ok so the university has nothing to say about it where does that professor's first amendment rights come into play where the lines drawn between i professor's representation of the universe today and a general academic freedom well one of the key issues in dispute right now is that the professor's supporters are maintaining that he was effectively hired and then fired the university seems to be implying that he was never actually are you are and the reason that distinction matters is that at most institutions and certainly the case of the interests of illinois a star consumer it can't just be water there has to be some due process procedure and that didn't appear to take place here so this argument over what his hiring status was is going to play into this larger question of what justifies dismissal already nonna player so this professor isn't teaching middle eastern
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civics or has trained the professor of american indian studies while he has arisen about the meddling that's not what he was hired for so should it be taken into consideration that he's not actually teaching what he's preaching. well he actually does research that links the comparative studies of native americans and palestinians i have not read that writing but he doesn't fact link the two so i don't and he has written a scholarly book about israel so i'm not sure you can say that his twitter views are totally disconnected from his work. but that's the same for many faculty members like their faculty members all over the country who may tweet whether they like or don't like president obama or any controversial thing here. twitter is not generally viewed as a scholarly vehicle but it's
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a very public vehicle. that was scott editor of inside higher ed. one of the biggest international information security events in the world is going full throttle right now in las vegas hackers and cybersecurity experts alike hit up the black hat cyber security conference sort of comic con for the crowd and we've got our navy there with the very latest you know lindsey yesterday dan gere here he is a huge name in the cyber surveillance industry i mean you know speaker here at this event he sat down with us following his keynote address yesterday morning to talk about some of the deeper and more esoteric concerns surrounding the doubters surveillance community take a look at what he had to say. we are frequently right now most focused on issues of roughly speaking confidentiality data breach privacy etc etc you know that that might all be. collected on the word come from the charity going forward
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it could well be that we inadvertently or maybe just decided we'll give up on confidentiality put integrity. in the big issue. we're very very good here it's a pretty interesting stuff and he went on to give us a lot more you know one on one detail about what he sees as the deepest biggest concerns and he meets really controversial suggestions following in his keynote as well which we're hoping to get a lot of pushback from and which we will air on going bust next week. well sounds great now we hear a lot about the internet of things lately what can you tell us about what that is and why we should be concerned about. yeah the internet of things that is a huge catchphrase here and we're hearing it over and over and over again and basically the easiest way to describe it it refers to the interconnectivity of basically computers bia the internet so what does that even mean basically it's
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like the best way to describe it in real time what we're seeing in the next six or there's another one called he genius these are home grown missteps that basically no you understand you and can heat or cool your house depending on your schedule or your desires which is not but you know this gets a little bit tricky and and dan was very concerned about things like heart monitoring implants bio chips and farm animals automobiles as the internet of things gets bigger and bigger we're seeing more of these in our everyday life just regular citizens dealing with their life online but one place where it's really scary is insulin pumps they've already had major problems with this people can hack into insulin pumps that are used by diabetics to be in something need to survive and they can add a lethal dose of insulin up in it and that's something that's really really concerning and dan had interesting things to say about the integrity behind that check this out. electronic health records already sold for more on the black market than credit card records to show it's not as if this isn't something for which the
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first glimmers can be seen more for that matter the integrity of of configuration for all the things you rely on being automatic. well there you have it you know really interesting stuff and when it comes to confidentiality and interest there it is going to tell us more next week i'm going bust he has got to check that out next week with host erin ade boom bust but for now she's in vegas she'll be back next week. and before we go tonight don't forget to tune in for politicking with larry king tonight's guests include representative luis good terrace of illinois here's a snippet of what's to come. as a member of the house select committee on intelligence what's your reaction to the cia apparently improperly assessing sing senate intelligence committee computers senator feinstein of your party has been vocally critical of all is where you are as if in its tolerable abuse we are there to be the check and
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balance in the system we are there to make sure i mean the spies are spying on us the members of congress who have the authority of oversight part of the reason that there are they get to be in secrecy is that there is a senate and the house select permanent committee on intelligence that supervises and monitors it we can't monitor them then i think we need to begin to look at a whole host of new regimes that we need to put in place i think it's it's terrible turn in for that tonight nine pm right here on our team america. that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com forward slash our to america and check out our website www dot com for its national essay or you can also follow me on twitter at and t. france now have a great night. you
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know it's really hard not to believe the conspiracy theory that there's an exclusive group of people plotting to control the world when exclusive groups of people keep getting together and lobbying to control the world and now there's a new secret exclusive meeting going on forget builder burger the between grove now there's the camp that conference for world elites sponsored by none other than google it's happening this week at the super posh for der golf and spawn resort on cicely's southwestern coast just like any illuminati founding conference google's keeping the details quiet they haven't been publicising yet and when both the new york times and fox business breached out to google they were fused to comment that
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kim's existence hasn't been disclosed before and that secretiveness does nothing to make it seem less like a steaming a little bit out event the guest list also raises questions about what the hell goes on at the camp this year attendees include lloyd blankfein the chief executive of goldman sachs is apparently going to be on a panel about the future of pura more high profile banking tycoons and venture capitalists are all set to attend tech entrepreneurs like elon musk travis kalanick from goober and evan spiegel from snap chat will all be there so will brian roberts chief executive of comcast and arianna huffington will be there too so all the top names intact banking and business will basically be there figuring out what they'll be plotting against top since it's so high. but according to industry analyst jeff kagan who spoke to fox business the camp is google trying to stir the pot sure
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they'll have a formal program with speakers on panels and q.a. sessions but it's really about what happens after the session during cocktail hours and both ride those who were invited were encouraged to bring their families too so it's less about the plotting sessions and more about networking getting to feel more like one big family you know legs one big illuminati family that rules the world i'm not pro illuminati here so anytime i hear about a summit like this i would naturally averse to it but i will say this if there's any illuminati summit to get behind it be google the camp why because notably missing from their list of attend these are all politicians now one of those disgusting jerks were invited much to their chagrin i'm sure so if there's going to be a new world order i def.


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